Chandelier creation and restoration with Global Shipping.

Somehow I got fascinated by these "happy" and colourful flower chandeliers. It brings joy to find them (often in a bad state), save them and bring them back to life.

Lievre Vintage is a studio specialised in creation and restoration of tole chandeliers and sconces. The last years Ben has professionalised the studio with specialised soldering and welding equipment including sanding blaster and cleaning machine.

In order to replace broken or missing ceramic parts, rubber molds are created and used to reproduce missing parts (mostly flowers). These parts also used by customers creating a DIY chandelier. Based on these original models Ben also designs and creates new fixtures.

Shipping is a very important aspect for Etsy sellers. Ben has developed a safe procedure to pack these fragile items safely and deliver them worldwide. Using heavy duty boxes and an airbag packaging system.

Ben is in continuous search for these items across Europe which are all collected in his shop/studio in Maastricht Netherlands.

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